Japanese Language Resources and Culture Sites

Here at Nihongo Master, we love all things Japanese! Beyond just the language, we love learning about culture, art, travel, and more! Because we love Japan so much, we have provided a page here of great resources for you to learn more about everything Japanese and even some great tools to help supplement your learning. Check out some of these great links and start getting your culture on!

Japanese Language Posts

More Japanese Resources

  • The name of this site may seem pretty self explanatory, but it certainly offers more than just info on train tickets and city maps. Japan Travel Advice has some real gems like a complete guide to castles, temples, and shrines all around the country, as well as annual viewing guides for foliage in the fall and sakura in the spring. There are even free itineraries available to make planning your trip that much easier! Hooray!

  • Japan Web Magazine is your one stop show for exciting and fun updates from across Japan! Check out their active social media for the latest too!

  • Japan + Planning = Japlanning! Japlanning is a great site to help you plan your trip to Japan. Their website features helpful, in-depth reviews of everything from restaurants and hotels in Japan to museums and even Japanese language sites (like ours)! The site may be small, but it’s run by a couple of super-passionate people who love Japan and want to make traveling there as enjoyable as possible. If you’re planning a trip soon, Japlanning is a great place to start!

  • Sakuraco is a gorgeous Japanese snack subscription box that brings authetic, locally sourced, traditional Japanese treats directly to your door every month! A handy guide comes with each box detailing where each snack came from and it’s dietary information! It’s not to be missed!

  • Tokyo Direct Guide is a travel guide for Tokyo written by a local Tokyoite! She also posts news on super cute kawaii and harajuku events around Tokyo. Kozue covers all your practical travel needs from local weather and emergency numbers to post offices and greetings in Japanese! But you already know how to say こんにちは, don’t you? For an authentic Tokyo experience and tips on places off the tourists path, follow Kozue’s blog!

  • If you haven’t heard of Waygo yet, then you need to step up your game! Waygo is an awesome app that lets you instantly translate several Asian languages just by hovering your phone over the text. They just recently added Japanese capabilities which we’re super excited about (obviously). The best part is that you don’t need to be connected to WiFi for the app to work. So what are you waiting for? Hop on that flight to Tokyo tonight! Waygo’s got you covered.

  • Yummy Bazaar is a great choice for shopping for Japanese food delivery! Not just Japan, they cover the world! Check out this article about their top 8 favorite Japanese items!