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Study Lists are Community Member created lists of dictionary words and kanji which you can use to drive your Japanese studies further. Quickly add drills from these study lists to rapidly build up your vocabulary and kanji memorization skills.

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Missing words

Created By: jmarois
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Caffeine Girl Manga

Reading Caffeine Girl and translating all the Kanji used

Created By: ayhoward1008
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Jackson's Study list


Created By: Jackson
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JLPT N1 Vocabulary

JLPT N1 Vocabulary

Created By: Kristiine
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My study list


Created By: Karla.2327
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My first study list


Created By: brentonr.blazek
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JLPT Level N4 Kanji

JLPT Level N4 Kanji

Created By: Kristiine
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List 1


Created By: (User No Longer Exists)
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New Vocabulary

New Vocabulary

Created By: salman.aldalaan
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JLPT N2 Vocabulary

JLPT N2 level vocabulary

Created By: Kristiine
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